Quick Setup Detailed Instructions


STEP ONE - Choose App or Site Type


STEP TWO - Enter a name for the App/Site and confirm the children’s privacy option


STEP THREE - Select Ad Type  


Banner - A small static ad appearing at the top, bottom or in-feed of an app.

Medium Rectangle - Similar to a banner but a larger ad format that allows for a higher price point.

Interstitial - A fullscreen image or video ad that appears at a natural breaking point within the app experience.

Native - A customizable ad format that looks and feels like it's part of your app experience.

Video - A mini-movie ad played by the user with controls. May be standard or rewarded.


STEP FOUR - Get the App & Placement Integration IDs 



STEP FIVEDownload the SDK for apps or Request Javascript for websites.

iOS Apps
Android Apps
Mobile Website - Click the Request Java Script button
Desktop Website - Click the Request Java Script button


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