Release 206: June 13, 2018

Added new feature Quick Setup, made improvements to Active/Inactive app/site labels, Alias name validation, Deals supplier grids with links, Enable super auction for additional traffic. 

NEW FEATURE: Quick Setup

Use the new Quick Setup option to create applications and/or sites in a few steps.


Step One: Select App/Site Type. Click the blue plus icon to open a type drop down. Select a Type.

  • Android
  • iOs
  • Mobile Site
  • Desktop Site (only available to Internal users)

 The selected type is displayed under the first section button. Release206_QSStep1.png


Step Two: Name App/Site & Define Privacy. Provided name gets displayed under the second step button.


Step Three: Choose Ad Type. Select from banner, medium rectangle, interstitial or video. Type is displayed under the third step button.



Step Four: Summary. The last step automatically generates an AppID and PlacementID.

If the app/site type selected in Step 1 was mobile site or desktop site, click the request javascript.


If the App/site type selected in Step 1 was Android or iOS app click Download SDK and follow the developer documentation.


At any time, navigate to previously completed steps using the step buttons at the top of the screen. For any further information, click Learn How to reach our customer support center.

Point Person: Erica Wong, Justin Silberman

BUG FIX: Applications and Sites Tile View - Actions Dropdown

A bug was fixed so now the dropdown menu is shown abоve the footer or opens to the top if there is not enough space below.


Point Person: Erica Wong, Justin Silberman

BUG FIX: Ad Screening - Incorrect Displaying of Ad Status

We fixed a bug on the Ad Screening UI. Now users will see the correct status of all ads (Allowed or Blocked).

Point Person: Erica Wong


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