Release Notes: 203

Auto update to URLs if app/site type changes and several bug fixes 

IMPROVEMENT: App/Site Creation - Dynamic URLs

When the app/site type is changed the URL is now automatically changed.


BUG: Marketplace Settings - New Publisher Alias ID

We fixed the bug that caused the system to fail to generate a new Publisher Alias ID. Now new ID gets generated upon save.



BUG: Ad Source creation - Discard changes caused log-out

We fixed the bug causing the system to log out users after clicking the discard changes button in the Confirm Navigation dialog. Now the user remains logged in and is redirected to Ad Networks tab when discarding changes is clicked.


BUG: Assignments - Marketplace Settings - Bidder/Block Dropdown

We fixed the bug that caused the system to display Bidder/Block Group dropdown on top of the main navigation menu. Now the dropdown is displayed under the main nav bar.


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