Release 202: April 24, 2018

This release includes several minor improvements to the user interface. 

IMPROVEMENT: Display of Inactive Apps/Sites 

To better distinguish active from inactive apps/sites and all the placements/ad sources associated with them we applied grey out opacity to inactive apps/sites.

  • Apps/Sites tab (list and tile modes)
  • Ad Network and Marketplace Assignments (list and tile modes)
  • Bidder/Block Groups
  • Campaigns form

Apps/Sites List View


Apps/Sites Tile View


Point Person: Erica Wong, Justin Silberman

IMPROVEMENT: Filter App/Site by Status

Users can now filter by Active/Inactive Status in the Apps/Sites tab (both grid and tile view). Filtering is also available in these locations.

  • Copy placement
  • Copy ad source form (Mediation and Assignments)
  • Ad source creation form on Assignments


Point Person: Erica Wong, Justin Silberman

BUG: Corrected Bidder/Block Group Dropdown

We fixed the bug that caused the system to misplace the dropdown. Now the Bidder/Block group dropdown opens under the selected Group.


Point Person: Erica Wong, Justin Silberman

BUG: Empty App Store ID Field 

We fixed a bug that inactivated the save button and did not display the App Store ID when sites were created in Seller Admin. Now the App Store ID is displayed and the Site form is populated with the App Store URL.


Point Person: Erica Wong, Justin Silberman

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