Release 201: April 5, 2018

Improvements were made to SuperAuction and Ad Source Copy form. Multiple bugs were fixed addressing operational issues with forms.

IMPROVEMENT: Super Auction - Android and iOS Integration

  • Super Auction is only available for Android and iOS applications integrating with our SDK.
  • Super Auction is not available for:
    • Android and iOS applications with Javascript
    • Android and iOS applications with API integrations
    • Native placements 

IMPROVEMENT: Ad Network & Marketplace Assignments - Ad Source Copy Form

The Copy Ad Source form like the Create and Edit Ad Source forms now opens in a new window. For convenience, during scrolling, the top of the screen displays the Seller and Ad Network name, Cancel and Save controls.


BUG FIX: Marketplace Assignments - Impossible AOL Ad Source Creation

We fixed a bug so AOL Ad Sources can be created for new customers without the Ad Network name disappearing.

BUG FIX: Apps/Sites Form - Devices section and App Store ID field Disappearance

We fixed the bug that caused the system to hide the Devices section and App Store ID field when both boxes were unchecked in the Devices Section. Now the Devices and App Store ID sections remain visible.


BUG FIX: Apps/Sites Form - iOS/Android App Creation Without Required Field

We fixed a bug. Now when the app/site type is switched and if the App Store ID is empty, users cannot save.


BUG FIX: Apps/Sites Form - Categories Dropdown Display on iPad

We fixed a bug. The categories selection menu now opens upward displaying all available options.


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