Release 200: March 20, 2018

We fixed multiple bugs to clean up general operations.

BUG FIX: Corrupted Reports Page

We fixed a bug. If a Publisher opens Reports, before saving a new App/Site they receive a notice to save the form. Then the Reports page will display and all the fields are visible.

BUG FIX: Ad Networks in Tile View - Corrected Redirect from Create Assignment Form

We fixed a bug so that users who initiate cancellation on the Ad Source creation page are redirected to to the Ad Networks tab of the Publisher Dashboard.

BUG FIX: Ad Networks - Removed Ability to Copy Nexage Ad Sources

We fixed a bug. Publishers are no longer allowed to copy Nexage Ad Sources.

BUG FIX: Monetization and Assignments - Copy Ad Source to Disallowed Placement

We fixed a bug and now users are can NOT save Ad Source to placements that were not allowed by the Specific Attributes section on Adnet Configuration page (not specified in Placement Types field).


BUG FIX: Monetization Page - Corrected Copy Ad Source Dropdowns

We fixed a bug correcting how the “Select Site” and “Select Placement” dropdowns open.

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