Release 199: March 6, 2018

Added new Site Type and Auction Type Dropdown features, made improvements to Super Auction include updated Ad Networks and Marketplace Assignments, and fixed several bugs to correct values and data displays.

IMPROVEMENT: Update Ad Networks & Marketplace Assignments - Super Auction Ad Source Display

We have applied the same display logic used on the Monetization page to the Ad Networks & Marketplace Assignments grids. When a publisher’s Super Auction capability is disabled in the Company Setup section:

  • Super Auction Ad Sources are displayed in the Assignments grid
  • Archive is the only Action Menu option available, all other options on the dropdown are hidden.


BUG FIX: Ad Network Assignments - Visibility of Actions for non-PSS Ad Sources

We fixed the bug on Ad Network Assignments grid that allowed creation of ad sources that were not part of eligible Ad Networks. Now publishers can only create ad sources that are associated with eligible Ad Networks (those which have setting Self-Serve enabled=true on AdNet Configuration page).

BUG FIX: Test Ad Source - Values Display Correctly

We fixed the bug that caused the system to display default values on Test Ad Source.

Edit/Copy forms instead of the values that were entered by the user. The entered/saved values now display correctly.


BUG FIX: Ad Network Tile View - Redundant Value for Sorting

We fixed the bug on Ad Network Assignments (tile view) that caused the “Last Updated” metric to be displayed in the sorting dropdown. This metric is no longer available for sorting in tile mode.


BUG FIX: Video Ad Format - Medium Rectangle Placements

We fixed a bug with Medium Rectangle Placements on the Ad Source form.

Now the Allowed Ad Formats section of the Ad Source Form displays a Video selection box if it was selected in the parent Placement form.


BUG FIX: AOL Mobile Marketplace Ad Source -  Blocking IAB categories

We fixed the bug that occurred when the Additional Categories and Domains field was empty after New Block Group has been created.Now the IAB categories are unchecked when the New Block Group is created.


BUG FIX: Improper Validation Performance

We fixed the bug with validating blank ID fields in the Ad Source details section of the Copy Placement form. Now validation is only performed when data is provided or changed.

BUG FIX: iPad - Dropdowns Not Opening

We fixed a bug that caused Site/Placement dropdowns to malfunction. Now the ad source form dropdowns in Ad Networks and Marketplace Assignments open and function as expected.

BUG FIX: Missing Animation

We fixed a bug that caused the incorrect display of notification messages and the add button in various parts of the UI. Now animation functions as expected; notification messages slide in from the top and the add button slides in from left.


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