Release 198: Feb 21, 2018

Several Improvements to Super Auction functions, Style Updates, and Bug Fixes. 

IMPROVEMENT: Super Auction - Removed Decision Maker 

Decision Maker is no longer required in the workflow of Super Auction as we have exposed a new API to allow the Publisher to retrieve the bid price back from ONE Mobile. More details about the workflow and process can be found on our Developer Docs. 



IMPROVEMENT: Super Auction - Not Eligible for Mobile Websites

Super Auction functionality only supports Android and iOS applications. Mobile websites cannot be selected.


IMPROVEMENT: Style Updates - Error and Caution Messages 

Style updates have been made across the application:

  • Error messages are displayed in red.
  • Attention and caution messages are displayed in orange.



IMPROVEMENT: Moved “Select Placement Type” Dropdown on the Placement Form

The “Select Placement Type” dropdown has been moved to the main content area on the Placement form.



IMPROVEMENT: Ad Source Form Update - Ad Networks and Marketplace Tabs

When a publisher creates or edits an ad source in the Assignments grids within the Ad Networks and Marketplace Tabs the ad source form appears as a new page.



BUG FIX: Copy Placement - Corrected Counter

We fixed a bug to correct the counting of selected Ad Sources. The system was counting all the selected checkboxes including “AD SOURCE NAMES” and “Tier” instead of just counting selected Ad sources.



BUG FIX: Ad Source Form - Targeting of OSs 

We fixed the bug that caused the “iOS”, “Android” and “Other Operating Systems” checkboxes to be ticked by default, once the  “Allow (or Block) Specific OSs” option is selected.

Now, once the “Allow (or Block) Specific OSs” option is selected, these checkboxes are unchecked by default.



BUG FIX: Copy Placement Form - Next Button Function

The implemented fix correctly enables the “Next” button if placement name is correct and COPY prefix is added to placement name. The issue was observed when trying to copy placement because the COPY prefix was not added to the “Placement Name” field.



BUG FIX: Ad Source Form - Incorrect Alignment and Animation on Tabs in Safari Browser

We fixed a bug that caused inconsistent alignment and animation on the ad source form when using Safari Browser. Now when hovering over the tabs (in Safari browser) the line is now displayed correctly.



BUG FIX: Ad Source Form - Opening of Drop-down

We fixed a bug in the targeting section on Ad Source form so the “WIFI AND CARRIERS” drop-down now opens upwards if there is not enough space to open downwards.


BUG FIX: Ad Source - Creative tab - Disabled “Save” Button

We fixed a bug so that now the save button is enabled on changing between “Video Option” drop-down options.



BUG FIX: Assignments Grids - Duplicated eCPM/Net Floor Component

We fixed a bug and users now see eCPM in Ad Network Assignments grid or Floor Price in Marketplace Assignments grid when attempting to override.




IMPROVEMENT: Ad Verification - Verify Button

We fixed an issue with the Verify button so it is now enabled once the IAB Category is selected regardless of the selection method (by scrolling through the list or by searching).



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