Release 197: February 6, 2018

We made several improvements and clean-ups to the UI and Super Auction. Several bugs fixed. 

IMPROVEMENT: Waterfall Ad Sources - Moved “Select Ad Source” dropdown and Added Ad Source Logos

We moved the “Select Ad Source” dropdown to the main content area on Waterfall Ad Source creation form.


We added logos to the Waterfall Ad Sources Edit form to improve identification.



IMPROVEMENT: Placement Dashboard - Actions Drop Down 

We added icons to differentiate Waterfall placements from Super Auction placements making it easier to identify the type of placement.



IMPROVEMENT: Editing Ad Sources During Copy Placement

We improved an existing interaction on the second step of Copy Placement form:

  • Selection of the ad source checkbox now defaults to display the MODIFY AD SOURCE DETAILS section without requiring the publisher to click the ad source.
  • Selecting the TIER checkbox brings up details of the first ad source under the tier.
  • Selecting the ALL AD SOURCES checkbox (top checkbox in the header) displays details of the first ad source in the table.
  • Deselecting the ALL AD SOURCES checkbox clears the section under MODIFY AD SOURCE DETAILS section.
  • If ad source is in focus but unchecked, user is able to edit fields in MODIFY AD SOURCE DETAILS section. All changes will be lost for unchecked ad sources upon saving.



IMPROVEMENT: Super Auction - Clean Up of Technical Debts 

We have improved Super Auction functionality.

  • Assignments grids on Marketplace/Ad Networks
    • The Ad Source name in both grid and tile views are no longer amended by tier number for Super Auction ad sources.
    • Decision Maker ad sources and archived ad sources are not displayed in grid and tile views.
    • Users can perform the Edit, Pause and Archive actions to their Super Auction ad sources but copying a Super Auction ad source is not possible.
  • Apps/Sites grid:
    • We removed the ability to copy Super Auction placements
  • Bidder/Block Groups screen:
    • When editing bidder/block group AOL Mobile Marketplace ad source is not amended by tier number as waterfall tags. Archived ad sources are also excluded from the view.
  • Campaigns:
    • When creating or editing a campaign, Super Auction placements are removed from the list on Campaign form (Placements tab) to prevent auto generation of ad sources.
  • Monetization Dashboard:
    • We removed the ability to copy Super Auction placements.
    • When archiving Super Auction placements, a confirmation dialog opens with a list of the active ad sources (archived ad sources are excluded).


IMPROVEMENT: Super Auction - Default Reporting Settings

You can now set the default Reporting settings per Ad Network when creating Super Auction ad sources.

We added additional fields under the Reporting Tab when in tile view for a Super Auction on the Ad Network selection page. to replicate the functionality of Waterfall ad sources.

  • Enable Reporting/Disable Reporting
  • 'Save as default'  checkbox



BUG FIX: Super Auction Ad Sources Selection Blank Page

We fixed a bug that caused Super Auction ad sources to not load to the selection page. This issue was replicated when AOL Mobile Marketplace was the only available ad source for Super Auction.

Now when an enabled user creates a Super Auction placement, the appropriate ad sources appear and can be selected and saved.


BUG FIX: Super Auction -  Success Message

The message acknowledging a successful update to Floor price or eCPM now appears on the tiles within the Monetization Dashboard.


BUG FIX: Visibility of Actions for non-PSS Ad Sources

We fixed a bug that allowed some users to copy ad sources that were not part of eligible Ad Networks. Now when publishers try to copy an ad source they are only able copy ad sources that are associated with eligible Ad Networks (those which have setting Self-Serve enabled=true on AdNet Configuration page).


BUG FIX: Wrong Notification Messages for Sellers with role User

We fixed a bug with the User role. Since User is a Read-Only role changes can not be made and a confirmation of change message is not needed.



BUG FIX: Typo in IAB Category

We fixed a typo error in the name of category IAB2-15 Motorcycles.



IMPROVEMENT: Buyers - Removed Link to ONE Analytics Reports

The “ONE: Analytics Reports” link was removed for Buyers accounts with any role. Now Buyers can only access ONE Mobile Reports.


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