Release 196: January 30, 2018

Added a validation message to My Campaigns mark-up field, turned Ad Verification feature for Nexage accounts to Read-Only and now allow duplicate ad source names as long as they are on different ad networks. 

IMPROVEMENT: My Campaigns - Validation Message for Markup Field (EXTERNAL)  

When creating a 3rd-party creative the # symbol may only appear once in the Markup field. A warning message now displays if # is used more than one time.


Point Person: Justin Silberman


BUG FIX: Ad Network Ad Sources - Validation by Ad Source Name (EXTERNAL)

We fixed a bug that prevented the creation of ad sources with the same name even if they were associated with different Ad Networks. Validation of ad source name is now specific to the publisher’s Ad Network.

Point Person: Justin Silberman, Erica Wong


BUG FIX: Bidder Groups - Duplicate Display of Bidders (EXTERNAL)

We fixed a bug that caused duplicate ad sources when removing one or more whitelisted or blacklisted bidders from active bidder groups using the ad source form. Now, the ad sources are only listed one time.


Point Person: Justin Silberman, Erica Wong


BUG FIX: Issues on Copy Ad Source form (EXTERNAL)

We fixed several issues that occurred when copying an ad source within a waterfall placement:

  1. Added warning message and icon - displayed when copying custom sized ad source to a placement type that is different from the original type.
  2. Added custom sizes to an Ad Size field - when copying a placement, that uses custom ad sizing, the ad size drop down now lists the custom size from the original.
  3. Choose Creative tab - when copying a test ad source but changing placement type the correct values are carried forward.
  4. Stabilized campaign type selection - when copying Direct or House Campaign ad sources the type maintains original selection.

Point Person: Justin Silberman, Erica Wong


BUG FIX: Ad Source Name Added when Archiving (EXTERNAL)

We now include the ad source name in the message that appears after archiving.


Point Person: Justin Silberman, Erica Wong


BUG FIX: Super Auction - Correct Data Displayed when Copying AOL Ad Source (EXTERNAL)

Now when opening an AOL ad source for copying the most recent data set is retained and displayed.

Point Person: Justin Silberman, Erica Wong


BUG FIX: Bidder Groups - Message “Create New Bidder Group” (EXTERNAL)

We added a message 'Use Create New Bidder Group option to create your first group' to all locations with Bidder/Block groups functionality.


Point Person: Justin Silberman, Erica Wong



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