Release 169: December 12, 2016

Included in this sprint: Mediation page, general style updates, footer, general bug fixes. 

IMPROVEMENT: Style Updates for the Mediation Page

  • When creating a new placement from the Mediation page, updated the UX to a workflow tool rather than the previous modal window. Selecting a placement type is now in a dropdown with the list of placement types available.
  • Added new help link next to the dropdown which tells users more information about placement types.
  • In the Placement panel on the left side of the Mediation page, users now have the ability to make any actions with the placement by clicking on icons (Edit placement, Copy placement, Archive placement). When clicking on the Edit icon, users will see the built-in workflow form (not modal window) like the new creation form.


IMPROVEMENT: General Style Updates

KPI boxes were restyled to match the general styles across the application. Now they look like tabs: active KPI box is highlighted at the top, inactive is greyed out. This improvement is applied to Internal and External Dashboards.

  • The button 'ADD' for application/site, placement, etc. creation has updated look of a ‘+’
  • Checkboxes are unified according to AOL standards



Copyright text in footer '© 2016 AOL Advertising Inc. All rights reserved.' is left aligned across the application. On the login page, 'Questions?Contact us' was moved to the footer and aligned to the right.

IMPROVEMENT: PSS - Contact Links

All the links and emails across PSS that were used for contacting AOL about any questions/concerns/issues were replaced by this: When selected, the Submit a Request form opens in new tab in the browser.

  • Disclaimers
  • “My campaigns” tab
  • “Contact us” on login page + signup application


BUG FIX: PSS - Incorrect Data on the Ad Network Dashboard

On the ad network dashboard, the data was not added up correctly: revenue in the KPI box for all Ad Networks was not equal to the summation of all revenue of each Ad Network from the grid. Sometimes, KPI boxes from the Marketplace tab were displayed for the Ad Networks tab as well. Now, it is fixed on the UI side.


BUG FIX: RTB Bidder Configuration - Pub/Sites Filters and Sites Grid

Fixed and now works as expected

  • Preconditions: any publisher was set as white listed in the RTB Bidder Configuration, also this buyer's site filter was set to 'White List.'
  • Action: add site of selected publisher from Available Sites to Selected Sites.
  • Result: selected site disappeared from the grid.
  • Expected result: sites get added to the buyer's white list and publisher remains in the publisher white list.
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