Release 168: December 5, 2016

Included in this sprint: Monetization, Mediation & Login pages, general bug fixes. 

NEW FEATURE: Re-styling - Style updates for Monetization Tab and Mediation Page

  • "Integration info" content was moved to "Placement settings" location and placed into box
  • Layout of the Mediation page was re-styled a little, the buttons on "Placement Settings" tab were moved to the top
  • The styles for site metrics and site name were updated
  • The width of the Ad Source column on Monetization tab was reduced and now a user has the ability to view more metrics depending on screen resolution; on high resolution screens, it is possible to view all available metrics
  • The button "save and add exchange" was renamed to "save and add marketplace"


IMPROVEMENT: PSS - Login Page, Disclaimer and Footer Updates

  • The text about integration into the ONE by AOL product suite was removed from login page.
  • Copyright text in footer was updated to "© 2016 AOL Advertising Inc. All rights reserved."
  • Text for all disclaimers across PSS was updated: "Millennial Media" was replaced by "AOL Advertising Inc."


BUG FIX: PSS - Marketplace Tags Opening by Direct URL

Marketplace tags from Marketplace Assignments tab were previously not opened by direct URL. This has been fixed, and users have the ability to open the tag form (New, Edit, Copy) without any difficulties by direct link. 


BUG FIX: Ad Screening - Character # in Creative ID Field

Previously, if a user entered a value containing the character "#" into the Creative ID field, error 400 appeared. This has been fixed and errors are no longer seen, and ads are correctly filtered even if the value contains "#".


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