Mediate to Facebook Audience Network

The following instructions apply to publishers mediating with ONE by AOL: Mobile to Facebook Audience Network. 

Mediating your inventory to the Facebook Audience Network using the ONE by AOL: Mobile platform takes just a few steps:

  1. Integrate the Facebook* Audience Network adapter (Android or iOS) and One by AOL: Mobile SDK (Android SDK or iOS SDK) into your project.
  2. Collect your Ad serving credentials and reporting credentials from Facebook Audience Network.
  3. Add those IDs to your ONE by AOL: Mobile waterfall.

* Note: Facebook Audience Network supports banner, rectangle, interstitial and native ad units at this time.

It’s that simple! See below for more details on how to mediate this ad source in minutes.

Build It

Download the Facebook Audience Network Adapter (Android or iOS) and One by AOL: Mobile SDK (Android SDK or iOS SDK) and add them to your project.

Mediating to the Facebook Audience Network

To connect Facebook Audience Network with the ONE by AOL: Mobile SDK, you will need to insert a few IDs into our Network Setup Module.

  1. Log into the Facebook account associated with the app(s) you are enabling mediation for to ONE by AOL: Mobile.

  2. Navigate and find the list of apps in your account. Note that each app will have a corresponding Facebook App ID.

  3. Locate an app on the list that you would like ONE by AOL: Mobile to report on. Click the app’s name to select it.

  4. The resulting page will show a left sidebar with several options. Click Audience Network.

  5. On the resulting page, click the Placements Tab at the top of the page to see a list of placements.
    Pro Tip:  Skip steps 3 through 5 and go directly to this page by substituting your Facebook App ID from Step 2 above into this URL: <your_app_id>/audience-network/placements/.

  6. Collect the corresponding Facebook Placement ID(s) you would like to Report on in ONE by AOL: Mobile.
    Note: You will need the full string (not just the portion after the underscore).

  7. Collect one more ID to access revenue reporting. At the top of the page, hover over the Tools & Support tab and select Access Token Tool. You will need this full value, not just the portion after the pipe.
    Pro Tip: Navigate to to view your apps and the associated App Token(s). Note the App Token value.
    Note: This page may also show a User Token IDs; you do not need it for One by AOL: Mobile setup.
ID Description
Facebook App ID Your app's unique identifier in the Facebook Audience Network.
Example Facebook App ID: 123456789012345
Facebook Placement ID A unique identifier for each Facebook Audience Network ad placement. The ID format is: Facebook App ID, underscore and a unique numeric string for the specific placement.
Example Facebook Placement ID: 123456789012345_987654321098765
App Token A unique identifier for the application. This pipe delimited value contains the App ID, pipe ( | ) character and a string of upper-case and lower-case alphanumeric and special characters.
Example App Token: 123456789012345|SPpAyM3z1TeNom-L@iNn3Ll1M0G

Get Set Up in ONE by AOL: Mobile

Log into
ONE by AOL: Mobile.
Add a new source to a placement you’ve already created.  
Click the drop-down menu for SELECT AD SOURCE and select Ad Network.  
From the Ad Network drop-down menu select Facebook.  
Add the Facebook Placement ID and name your ad source.

In the resulting pop-up window, add the Facebook App ID in the username field and Facebook App Token in the Password field.
Scroll down to the Reporting tab, enter your Facebook login credentials to enable reporting in the AOL UI. MedToFacebook_Reporting.png
Note: This information is used to optimize your ad placement eCPMs in our tiered waterfall.
Click Save & Monetize to save your placement.  

On the next page, drag your new ad source entry onto the tier in the waterfall.

Done! You are now set to deliver Facebook Audience Network ads as well as ONE by AOL: Mobile ads to your inventory, and view reporting from both in the ONE by AOL: Mobile UI.

What’s Next?

To incorporate additional Ad Networks, follow the integration guides on our Supported Ad Networks list.

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