Testing your Placement's Integration

Test integration once per ad type - it is not necessary to test each placement.

Once you have integrated our SDK, we highly recommend testing each placement type (banner, interstitial, interstitial video or native) to ensure integration was successful. You only need to do this once per ad type.

Activate the Test Ad Source to test the integration of a placement. Once the test ad source is activated, you will receive a stock creative from OATH Ad Platforms SSP

From the Monetization Dashboard, add a Test Ad Source to a placement.

Please note, test ad sources will have 100% fill but do not earn revenue, so please ensure that you archive or un-deploy all test ad sources before launching your site.

Name your test ad source and select the creative type and/or ad size. Then save the test ad source. 


Once created, your Test Ad Source will initially reside in the unassigned ad sources section.


Drag and drop the test ad source from the Unassigned section into a tier to make it an active Ad Source.



Once the Test Ad Source has been added to your Active Sources, you can begin sending test traffic from the version of your app that utilizes our SDK. Check that the OATH Ad Platforms SSP creative is in your app/site.

The appearance of a creative with the Millennial Media logo confirms that your integration worked correctly.

Verify with Reporting

Run a traffic report on your Test Ad Source to ensure that test traffic is properly reaching our platform. Go to the reporting page and select the Traffic Report. Be aware that it could take up to 20 minutes for traffic reports to begin reflecting activity.


You should see a 100% fill rate along with ad requests and responses to confirm that the reporting integration is working.


When you confirm that the integration is correct, move your Test Ad Source to the Unassigned section in the Monetization Dashboard.


Now that you confirm your integration was successful, you create and activate ad sources.

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