Ad Networks Tab

Monitor and manage your Ad Networks from this tab in the Main Dashboard

Add new and manage current advertising networks from the Oath Ad Platforms SSP dashboard by selecting the Ad Networks tab. This tab provides a customizable view of your ad networks' revenue trends, ad requests, costs and revenue, fill rates, and click-through-rates (CTR).

View the Ad Networks displayed as individual tiles or in a list format. 

The Ad Networks tab defaults to a snapshot of the revenue trends for all of your ad networks. To view an individual ad network's revenue trends select it.



Use the Calendar picker at the top right of the dashboard to select a time frame to review all or a specific ad network's revenue trends as well as the placements you have assigned to those ad networks.

The Calendar Picker allows you to select a date range such as last week or year to date. You can also select a custom range by picking specific dates within the calendar.



Once you apply a date range, the report snapshot and graph will update with the Ad Network's trends across that date range. 

Click view the full report in the upper-right-hand corner to see the full report.



Easily update the date range for the report by selecting the pencil icon to the right of the custom range. Choose the data columns to include in the report from the drop down.



You can run and save a number of reports for later reference. You can also export any of the reports as a .csv or as a .xlsx file by going to the Export menu.



The report will generate and open in a new window.



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