Marketplace Tab

Use the Marketplace tab to view details of your inventory and performance in the Oath Ad Platforms SSP and manage your assignments and settings to maximize revenue.

The Marketplace Tab of the main dashboard contains a summation of your activity in the Oath Ad Platforms SSP; who is bidding on your inventory and at what price; the eCPM and average clearing prices; the number of bid requests, bids received and ads served. These metrics show your bid win rate both numerically and as a percentage of the total. This gives an overall picture of how well the placements in your apps are performing.

NOTE: If you mediate to additional Ad Sources (other than SSP) data from those sources is not shown on this tab. Find details on mediated spend using the
Ad Networks tab.


Description of columns

  • Bidder Name - Lists the entities that have bid on your inventory. Sort by clicking the arrows (up or down) in each of the remaining columns.
  • Spend - The amount of money the bidder has spent on your inventory. (AKA - earnings).
  • eCPM - Effective Cost per Thousand is a metric used to reflect earnings, regardless of the campaign type.
  • Average Clear Price - the average price for which an ad sold, calculated per 1,000 completed auctions (clears) for bid requests.
  • Bid Requests - The number of times your app or site requested a bid from each particular bidder in the marketplace.
  • Bids Received - The number of times an ad seller bid on your inventory.
  • Ads Rendered - Ads that have been viewed by the end user. An ad may have been requested and delivered but is only considered rendered when actually displayed to the user.
  • Bid Rate - The percentage of time a bidder responds to a bid request in an effort to deliver an ad, expressed as a percentage.
  • Wins - the number of bids (bidder specific) that cleared or won an auction.
  • Win Rate - the percentage of time bids win (clear) an auction.


View Marketplace Details 

In the Marketplace Details dashboard you can see a high level consolidated view all of your ad sources, placements and details about them. Compare revenue results, review pricing floors and quickly make adjustments up or down, check ad source deployments, tiers assigned or unassigned and make adjustments as needed.

Note: Ad responses and ads rendered are shown at the individual ad source level (versus the bidder/buyer level).


Assignments Tab

Click the triangle icon next to each Ad source to open it and view the placements associated with it. Change floor pricing for many placements quickly and easily. View the status of all Ad sources and placements and change, pause or archive placements using the status drop down menu.

Marketplace Settings Tab

Use this tab to monitor and manipulate Bidder Blocks for all your ad sources in one location.


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