Release 155: May 31, 2016


IMPROVEMENT: Dropdowns-Restyling

All dropdowns have been updated with a new UX and design across self-service UI.


IMPROVEMENT: Mediation Tags-Ad Network Selection

Internal users will be able to distinguish between the types of ad sources (PSS, non-PSS or additional).


IMPROVEMENT: Performance Improvements-Login Page

The login page has been slimmed down to being a smaller object to load. This has improved the load time from 10-12 seconds to below 1 second.


IMPROVEMENT: Users-Info Icon for Roles

Added an info icon next to the roles selection to help users understand which user type they should select.


IMPROVEMENT: Branding-Login Page & Header

Updated the branding of the product to the ONE: Mobile logos. This has been modified in the header and on the login page. 

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