Release 161: August 19, 2016


IMPROVEMENT: Tool-Tips on Marketplace Demand Metrics

On the Marketplace Demand tab, when a user hovers over a metric, a tool-tip will be displayed to explain the calculation and definition of each metric.


IMPROVEMENT: General UX Updates

  • Changed green color across the application to be the AOL Blue
  • Updated the date picker to match the AOL ONE Date Picker
  • Updated pop-up for ‘Copy Report’ to new look and feel


BUG FIX: Updated Average Clear Price column in Marketplace Demand tab

New calculation for Average Clear price is ACP = Gross wins/No. of wins x 1000 and will be the same calculation that is used in Metamarkets for this metric.


BUG FIX: UI Performance Improvements

Increased UI speed for:
  • All places where we get a list of sellers or buyers
  • PSS Dashboard Apps/Sites tab
  • Breadcrumb component at top of page
  • Saving of Tags and Placements


BUG FIX: Ad Screening-Multiple Pop-ups

Issue was found where in Ad Screening, when hovering over a creative, the creative would show multiple pop-ups next to each other.  This has been fixed to now only display 1 pop-up for the creative that a user is hovering over.


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