Release 163: September 15, 2016

Included in this sprint: Renaming tabs & tags, date picker, zoom support. 

IMPROVEMENT: Renaming of Tabs and Tags throughout Application

  • the name of the Marketplace Demand tab was changed to “Marketplace"
  • the name of ONE: Mobile Marketplace in the Add Ad source Dropdown and the tag form was changed to “AOL Mobile Marketplace"
  • the name of the Mediation Ad Source in the Add Ad source Dropdown and the tag form was changed to “Ad Network"
  • the name of “Med” on the mediation tags is changed to “Ad Net”
  • the name of the Mediation Tab on the Mediation dashboard was changed to “Monetization”
  • everywhere we used “Tag,” we now use “Ad Source



  • Metrics dropdown for all PSS grids have the updated look and feel to match AOL styling
  • Date range picker: state of quick select panel when selected was changed to be more noticeable


IMPROVEMENT: Date Range Picker - 2 ways of demonstrating months

New ‘lock’ icon on the date range picker will now represent the way months are represented. Default state of icon - unlocked. If a user clicks the unlocked icon, it becomes locked, so the user can’t have months skipped between (and vice versa).



Recently we released improvement for PSS charts when the selected date range is three months, and a more weekly interval is applied for chart display. Also, now users will be able to view labels with time interval (format: yyyy-mm-dd - yyyy-mm-dd) when hovering over data points on charts.



Modules PSS + Reports + Ad Screening were investigated in order to support zoom level from 75% to 125% and uncovered inconsistencies were fixed (checkpoints 75%, 90%, 100%, 110%, 125%). 

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