Mediate to AdMob by Google

The following instructions apply to publishers looking to mediate inventory to AdMob by Google with ONE by AOL: Mobile.

Mediating your inventory to AdMob* using the ONE by AOL: Mobile platform takes just a few steps:

  1. Integrate the AdMob by Google adapter (Android or iOS) and ONE by AOL: Mobile SDK (Android SDK or iOS SDK) into your project.
  2. Collect your AdServing credentials (Ad Unit ID) and reporting credential (password) from AdMob by Google.
  3. Add those IDs to your ONE by AOL: Mobile waterfall.

* Note: AdMob supports Banner, rectangle and interstitial ad units at this time.

It’s that simple! See below for more details on how to mediate this ad source in minutes.

Build It

Download the AdMob by Google Adapter (Android or iOS) and ONE by AOL: Mobile SDK (Android SDK or iOS SDK) and add them to your project.


Mediating to AdMob by Google

To connect AdMob by Google to the ONE by AOL: Mobile SDK you will need to inset a few IDs into our Network Setup Module.

  1. Log into your existing AdMob by Google account or create a new one.
  2. Obtain your AdMob Ad Unit ID from the AdMob Dashboard (Google support documentation here).  The value will be in this format: ca-app-pub-1621589506789049/630515569.
  3. Navigate to this page and select Authorize Read-Only Report Access.
  4. The next window will display a password (a long hexidecimal value). Copy and save it. You will use the password when setting up Reporting in ONE by AOL: Mobile.
ID Description
Ad Unit ID Your ad unit's unique identifier in AdMob by Google.
Password A long hexidecimal value used to authorize ONE by AOL: Mobile to access AdMod by Google data for Reporting purposes.

Get Set Up in ONE by AOL: Mobile

Log into ONE by AOL: Mobile.  
Add a new source to a placement you’ve already created.   
Click the drop-down menu for SELECT AD SOURCE and select Ad Network  
From the Ad Network drop-down menu select AdMob by Google  
Add the Ad Unit ID and name your ad source. 

Scroll down to the Reporting tab, enter your AdMob login credentials to enable reporting in the AOL UI. MedToAdMob_Reporting.pngNote: This information is used to optimize your ad placement eCPMs in our tiered waterfall.
Click Save & Monetize to save your placement. 

On the next page, drag your new ad source entry onto the tier in the waterfall.   

Done! You are now set to deliver AdMob by Google ads as well as ONE by AOL: Mobile ads to your inventory, and view reporting from both in the ONE by AOL: Mobile UI.

What’s Next?

To incorporate additional Ad Networks, follow the integration guides on our Supported Ad Networks list.

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