Release 167: November 14, 2016

Included in this sprint: Monetization & Mediation pages and ad screening search. 

NEW FEATURE: Re-styling and Tweaks for Monetization Tab and Mediation Page

  • The border is changed for ad sources being moved
  • Successful checkmarks were modified when creating/moving tiers and creating/editing ad sources
  • The size of price area (Floor price/eCPM override) on monetization tab and grids is enlarged and now user has ability to save entered value by pressing 'Enter'
  • The icons for ad sources are modified a little
  • Side bar with the list of placements has the updated look and feels to match AOL styling


NEW FEATURE: Ad Screening: Search by Buyer/Creative ID

A publisher or internal user has the ability to search by Buyer and/or Creative ID in the Ad Screening UI. In the search parameters for Ad Screening, new fields for Buyer and Creative ID have been added. The selection of Seller, Site and Status remain required, while the new fields for Buyer and Creative ID are optional (the Buyer selection will default to “All”).

If a Buyer is selected with no Creative ID entered, all creatives belonging to the buyer for the selected inventory will be returned. If a Creative ID is entered with “All Buyers” selected, all creatives which contain the entered value as part of their ID will be returned. If a specific Buyer is selected and a Creative ID is entered, only the eligible creative from the selected buyer will be returned. 
In addition, the Buyer name will be included in the information that appears when a user hovers over an ad card for both internal and external users. And external users will now see Buyer names available in the “Buyer” filter field.  

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