Release 153: April 29, 2016


NEW FEATURE: PSS-MVP of Ad Network dashboard

From the Ad Networks tab, all users will be able to view a specific dashboard for each ad network by clicking on the name of the ad network. Users will be able to:

  • View visual performance trends
  • View hierarchy of where all tags are for that ad network
  • Create, edit, copy and archive ad network tags
  • View, modify and set ad network settings


NEW FEATURE: PSS-Pausing and Activating Ad Source Tags

All users will have the ability to pause any tags and re-activate tags once they are paused. This is available from the Mediation dashboard, Ad Network Dashboard and Marketplace Dashboard


IMPROVEMENT: PSS-Price Floors on Marketplace Dashboard

All users will be able to view and update the pub net price floor from the ad network dashboard for all Marketplace tags associated to a publisher.



All grids within PSS have been updated with a new look and feel to help users focus on the most important information at a specific time.


IMPROVEMENT: PSS-Invalid/incomplete tag warnings for copy placement

Users can now view the number of incomplete tags during the copy placement process.


IMPROVEMENT: PSS-Charting metrics descriptions updated based on KPI selected

Charts in the Internal Global Dashboard, PSS Dashboard, Marketplace Dashboard, and Specific Ad Networks Dashboard pages will now have labels corresponding to the KPI box that is currently selected.

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