Release 154: May 16, 2016


NEW FEATURE: Estimated Earnings-Ad Network and Advertiser Breakout

Users are now able to view the amount of money they made within a specific month from each advertiser through campaigns that they ran on ‘My Campaigns’, as well as each Ad Network that they have integrated (Pub owned ad network tags).


IMPROVEMENT: My Campaigns-Estimated Campaign Revenue

When creating or editing a campaign, you will be able to see how much revenue you should expect to generate from a specific campaign.  For campaigns that have no end date, this will be based on a daily expected revenue amount.


IMPROVEMENT: Ad Network Tag-Integration Documentation per Ad Partner

From the adnet config page, internal teams will be able to enter a URL that points to documentation in Zendesk for that particular ad network.  When a user creates or edits an ad network tag with documentation, they will be able to select a link to take them to the respective URL that was entered in the adnet config. 


IMPROVEMENT: Ad Network Dashboard-View and Update Override eCPM

On each ad network's dashboard, users will be able to view if a tag has a specific eCPM override applied to it.  Users will also be able to update the override price if it has already been set on the ad network tag.


IMPROVEMENT: Ad Network Dashboard-Ad Network Names

On each ad network's dashboard, the name of the ad network will now show up in the header for the metrics as well as before the settings title to provide a more customized feel per ad network dashboard.


IMPROVEMENT: Marketplace Dashboard: Price Floor Naming

On the Marketplace Dashboard, for internal users will now see the Price floor called “Pub Net Floor”. 

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