Release 157: June 24, 2016


IMPROVEMENT: Ad Network & Marketplace Dashboard-Tier Info

Tier information will be displayed for in front of all tag names on the Ad Network and Marketplace dashboards.


IMPROVEMENT: Marketplace Dashboard-Settings CSV

Users will now have the ability to view or copy in a coma separated list of adomains and categories.


IMPROVEMENT: Placement-Video supported on Medium Rectangles

When creating or editing a medium rectangles, users can now choose to have the option to serve video ads for that placement type.


IMPROVEMENT: Ad Source Tag: Carriers by Country

Based on the countries that have been explicitly targeted, you will be able to group the carriers by the countries in which they are relevant. This filter will only be available if there is country targeting in use. 

IMPROVEMENT: While You're Waiting, New Loading Animation

New loading animation has been added across all of ONE: Mobile to match the AOL styling.

BUG FIX: Characters Required to Save

Users are now required to required to enter text in all required fields. Previously, users could enter spaces and the platform would save with spaces as the text.

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