Release 166: November 3, 2016

Included in this sprint: Supply side Payment Information and general bug fixes.

NEW FEATURE: Easy Entering of Payment Information

Publishers will now have the ability to enter their financial payout and tax information on a self-service basis. This is achieved by integrating the PSS UI with the AOL financial system OBI (Open Business Infrastructure). Users can access the new page by navigating to the Menu and selecting "Payment and Tax Info" under the "Financials" section. The form is used to collect payment/tax information from publishers and store it for payouts and end of year tax forms. The new workflow in PSS is available to publishers with a roles of admin and manager (only PSS-enabled). This is also available for internal admins and managers when impersonating.

For new publishers, it is required to enter the company’s email address, which will be used for all financial communication; this email will be stored in OBI and the publisher will not be able to edit it. Once the company’s email address is entered, they will not be required to enter it again for that publisher.

On the seller company setup page, an internal user has the ability to enable/disable a publisher from entering payout information into OBI. It is set to "enabled" by default for all new publishers, but is set to "off" by default for all existing publishers. But internal users with role "admin" and "manager" are able to enter payout information in PSS even if it has been disabled for a seller.


BUG FIX: Monetization Tab-Section for Adding New Tier,

There was a bug on the monetization tab causing the area for adding a new tier to be partially hidden which made it challenging to move ad sources to new tiers. Now, the section for adding new tiers is fully visible (including bottom border).


BUG FIX: PSS Campaigns-Label and Color of the Button for Adding 3rd-Party Tag

The button "Use 3rd-party ad source" has been renamed to "3rd-party tag" and the previously double-colored button was touched up.

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