Release 164: October 5, 2016

Included in this sprint: Request ad serving, bidder/blocker groups, general performance updates. 

NEW FEATURE: Request for Ad Serving Capablities

‘My Campaigns’ tab now is available for all publishers with PSS access. If the publisher doesn't have access to the ad server, publishers can now request access by clicking a button that will open an email form to be sent to an AOL distro (


IMPROVEMENT: Bidder/Block Groups Assigned as Default to Tag

If a user is editing a group that is associated to the default publisher settings (Blocks) for bidder blocking or block groups, the only way to remove this group from a specific RTB profile is by manually turning off the use of the defaults within a tag. If a user is editing a bidder/block group, and is assigned to a tag as a part of company-level default, the tag will be displayed as checked (assigned) and disabled (without ability to un-assign that group from tag).


IMPROVEMENT: Performance Enhancement

  • Bidder/Block group edit: Now users will experience improved performance of the bidder/block group management page. When editing and saving a group, the grid with all bidder/block groups is available for user actions much earlier than it previously had been, since it is updated immediately after saving an edited group.
  • PSS Tag: Mechanism of sending requests in parallel to the server was implemented for tags, leading to faster loading of the tag form.
  • Mediation Dashboard: Asynchronous loading of Mediation page was applied, increasing page load speed. Additionally, users will see partial display of elements of the page as soon as they load.


BUG FIX: 'Confirm Navigation' windows across PSS

Previously, many 'Confirm Navigation' popups opened if a user pressed backspace or clicked the “Back” button in the browser several times. Now on each click, only one ‘Confirm Navigation’ dialog appears.
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