Release 165: October 18, 2016

Included in this sprint: Marketplace details, bidder/blocker groups, UX updates. 

IMPROVEMENT: Marketplace Details

On the Marketplace tab on the Overview Dashboard, the ‘Marketplace tags’ button label has been changed to "Marketplace Details". 


IMPROVEMENT: Bidder/Block Groups Assigned as Default to Tag

If a user is editing a group that is associated to the default publisher settings (Blocks) for bidder blocking or block groups, the only way to remove this group from a specific RTB profile is by manually turning off the use of the defaults within a tag. If a user is editing a bidder/block group, and is assigned to a tag as a part of company-level default, the tag will be displayed as checked (assigned) and disabled (without ability to un-assign that group from tag).



  • Monetizeation tab on Medistion page has an updated look, feel and workflow to match new styling.
  • Modified the color and style of all tabs across PSS.
  • All grids have been updated with a new UX and design across self-service UI: got rid of vertical lines and updated floor price and eCPM override area.
  • All  buttons across the ONE: Mobile product have been updated to match the AOL styling.
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