Create Ad Placement

Assign placement values to organize your ad content in Oath Ad Platforms SSP.
An ad placement is conceptually similar to what demand sources call a zone, position, or spot. Reports can be run on individual placements because each has its own set of ad tags, business logic, etc.
The process for creating ad placements is the same for apps and mobile websites.
See additional information on Recommended Settings for Ad Placements.

Create Placement

  1. After creating and saving your new App/Site, click the blue plus sign to Add an Ad Placement.
  2. Select the Placement type from the drop down menu.
  3. Name your Placement, use any name that makes sense to you. (Placement ID will be automatically populated.)
  4. If ad type is interstitial or medium rectangle, use the checkboxes to select which Ad Formats are allowed.
  5. If Video Ad Format is allowed, choose your Video Setting; 1-30 seconds with skip after 7 seconds or custom.
  6. If needed (for interstitial and medium rectangle ad types), choose your Video Setting; 1-30 seconds with skip after 7 seconds or custom.
  7. Select a Size for your ad from the drop down.
  8. Click Save & Monetize once you have entered all the information.

See the screenshots below for setting tips on each placement type.



Tip: We recommend setting ad size to Dynamic Size if you are using the same banner across different devices.



Choose the Allowed Ad Formats by selecting one or both checkboxes; Static Images and/or Video. 

Tip: We highly recommend enabling Video for interstitial ads as these units tend to deliver higher CPMs and drive revenue. Enabling both Image and Video will maximize CPM and revenue.


Medium Rectangle


Tip: Medium_Rectangle uses a preset the Ad size of 300x250.


Native Ad Placement

Your integration will dictate how the native unit is displayed, so no additional selections are required for this placement type.


Default Ad Placements

Most ad placements fall into one of the SSP placements listed below. Size measurements can be reversed to accommodate portrait or landscape viewing.

Placement Value Ad Placement Size
Banner 320x50 or 300x50
med_rectangle 300x250
Interstitial (between page loads) 320x480 or 768x1024
Interstitial_preload 320x480 or 768x1024
Native 320x480 or 768x1024

If additional placements are needed they can be created during the integration process. The placement defined in your ad request should be set using the value(s) from the table above. If a placement is not specified, the placement value will default to banner. 
Note: Placement values are case sensitive!


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