Create an Application or Site

Use this tab of the dashboard to create new apps or sites OR to add to those you have already created.

Start on the Applications and Sites tab within the main dashboard.

  1. Click the blue plus sign to create a new application or site.
  2. Select the Application/Site type from the dropdown menu.


  3. Enter the details for your new app/site: Name, general Description,  App Store URL and App Store ID (Android/iOS) or Website URL (Mobile Website), and Domain
    NOTE: If you chose to create an Android or iOS App, you can define to which devices the app is available (phone, tablet, or a universal application, (phone and tablet).
    • When creating an app, App Store ID is a required field. If you don’t have an App Store URL you must create one
      • The Android App Store ID can be found in your package name between “id=” and “&hl=en”.
      • The iOS App Store ID can be found in the iTunes URL between “id” and “?mt=8”.
    • These IDs are sent to demand partners in the bid request, allowing us to effectively monetize your inventory.
  4. Select the Yes or No button declaring whether or not your site is directed to children. (If your site or app is targeted to children, you must choose YES.)
  5. Choose up to four Content Categories that best reflect the content on your application or site. Content categories allow Oath Ad Platforms SSP demand partners to target your app or site accordingly.
  6. Click Save and add Placement button to move to the next step. 


Next step: Create Ad Placement

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