Release 152: April 14, 2016

NEW FEATURES: PSS - Additional Ad Networks for Users

Internal Users now have the ability to select additional ad networks that publishers can setup within ONE by AOL: Mobile.


NEW FEATURE: PSS - MVP of Estimated Earnings Page

New page for all ONE by AOL: Mobile customers includes estimated earnings from Nexage, Millennial, Mediation, and Ad Serving. This helps customers view the amount of money they are making from each demand source by month.


NEW FEATURE: Geneva - Management of Eligible Bidders and Bidder Groups by Publisher

Internal Users can allow specific eligible bidders and bidder groups to be sent impressions for a specific publisher's account. This will ease the pain of the DFP whitelist that has to be setup for every tag for a DFP pub.


NEW FEATURE: PSS - MVP of the Marketplace Dashboard

Dashboard to show users all marketplace ad sources within a single view to be able to make bulk decisions and updates to existing tags.

ENHANCEMENT: PSS - Breadcrumbs

Introduction of breadcrumbs to the top of all ONE byAOL: Mobile pages and the internal dashboard.


ENHANCEMENT: PSS and Geneva - Documentation link to Customer Center

The 'Help' section of the navigation menu includes a 'Documentation' link to the new customer center. Available for all users.


ENHANCEMENT: Geneva - New User Creation Workflow

Improved the workflow to ensure the correct creation of new users.


ENHANCEMENT: PSS - Updated Hints

Updated hint text throughout the My Campaigns section.

BUG FIX: PSS - Ability to Edit and Copy Ad Networks

All Enabled Ad Networks can now be edited and copied within ONE by AOL: Mobile.

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