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At ONE by AOL, our goal is to build robust products that our customers enjoy using. We have a team of people solely focused on building new features and improving our Mobile platform. We want to keep you informed on what we’re building, improving and changing so you can stay up-to-date on the latest features and enhancements.

We release every two weeks. Below you’ll find an archive of Release Notes. If you have questions on any of the features and enhancements included here, please reach out and submit a request.

More information on Creative ID API: Demand Source IDs.

Release: 197 Feb 6, 2018 We made several improvements and clean-ups to the UI and Super Auction. Several bugs fixed.
Release: 196 Jan 30, 2018 Added a validation message to My Campaigns mark-up field, turned Ad Verification feature for Nexage accounts to Read-Only and now allow duplicate ad source names as long ss they are on different ad networks.
Release: 195 Jan 9, 2018 Several style updates to improvement the user experience in the UI including logos, icons, and forms. ONE Analytics added to nav bar for beta testing.
Release: 194 Dec. 12, 2017 Several improvements to Super Auction pages (Edit, copy and group, pause ad sources), Warning about Ad Blocker software.
Release: 193 Nov. 28, 2017 Improvements added to Super Auction & Monetization pages and Ad Network tiles. Bug fixes relating to calendar, drag and drop ad sources and custom ad sizing.
Release: 192 Nov. 14, 2017 Multiple improvements to the general ONE: Mobile UI, several improvements to Super Auction pages, and a couple of Bug Fixes
Release: 191 Oct. 31, 2017 Introducing Super Auction, our new in-app, mobile-first, header bidding solution.
Release: 190 Oct. 17, 2017 Improved dashboards, graphs and hints text and fixes bugs.
Release: 189 Oct. 4, 2017 New Traffic Filter by ad size, enlarged KPI area on tile view, ability to open items in new window and more.
Release: 188 Sept. 19, 2017 Auto-fill issue type when submitting a request ticket, QuickLink user experience.
Release: 187 Sept. 6, 2017 KPI Reporting Trends, country targeting and changes to the UI dashboard.
Release: 186  Aug. 22, 2017 Transparency settings, account creation, Terms & Conditions, Campaign Status.
Release: 185 Aug. 8, 2017 Dashboard several pages changed for style, convenience and ease of use, character validation on self-registration application form.
Release: 184  July 25, 2017 Integration Info Report, Launcher, and general style tweaks.
Release: 183  July 11, 2017 Sign up fields, truncated names, targeting OS versions and general bug fixes.
Release: 182  June 27, 2017 Interstitial video, small tabs, tile view improvements and general bug fixes.
Release: 181  June 13, 2017 Placement name on Reporting, Launcher What's New, general style updates and bug fixes.
Release: 180  May 31, 2017 Updates to tile view, grid and tree components, and general bug fixes.
Release: 179  May 16, 2017 URL hint text, update grids and trees, improved med rectangle video and general bug fixes.
Release: 178  May 6, 2017 Reports header bidding, tile view, sorting Ad Sources, domain character length.
Release: 177  April 18, 2017 Login, sorting, assignments grid, ad sizes, UX dropdowns, bidder groups and general bug fixes.
Release: 176 April 5, 2017 Tile view sorting, UX on placement dashboard, filtering, color code messages, pre-fill forms and general bug fixes.
Release: 175   Mar. 21, 2017 Notification messages, tile view Apps & Sites and general bug fixes.
Release: 174  Mar. 7, 2017 App Store ID validation, campaign creation, bidder groups, password tool tip, add grids and general bug fixes.
Release: 173  Feb 21, 2017 Breadcrumbs, copy reports.
Release: 172  Feb 8, 2017 Breadcrumbs, copy paste to country targeting, user form, frequency caps, general style updates, single sign-on warning.
Release: 171  Jan 24, 2017  App/Site creation & editing, monetization, Launcher, reset password, general bug fixes.
Release: 170  Jan 3, 2017     App/Site creation & editing, monetization page, general restyling.
Release: 169  Dec. 12, 2016  Mediation page, general style updates, footer, general bug fixes.
Release: 168  Dec. 5, 2016   Monetization, Mediation & Login pages, general bug fixes.
Release: 167  Nov 14, 2016 Monetization & Mediation pages and ad screening search.
Release: 166  Nov 3, 2016 Payment information, and general bug fixes.
Release: 165  Oct. 18, 2016   Marketplace details, bidder/blocker groups, UX.
Release: 164  Oct. 5, 2016  Request ad serving, bidder/blocker groups, general performance updates
Release: 163 Sept. 15, 2016 Renaming tabs & tags, date picker, zoom support.
Release: 162  Sept. 2, 2106 Bidder & blocking groups default, Price formatting, UX updates.
Release: 161  Aug. 19, 2016 Tool tips on metrics, general UX updates, general bug fixes.
Release: 160  Aug. 5, 2016   Search results.
Release: 159  July 22, 2016  Create new bidder group.
Release: 158  July 5, 2016    Group association tags, estimated earnings, general style.
Release: 157 June 24, 2016 Marketplace dashboard, med rec video, country tags, loading animation, general bug fixes. 
Release: 156 June 13, 2016  Hierarchy visibility, gen. UX.
Release: 155  May 31, 2016   Drop downs, mediation tags, user roles, branding.
Release: 154  May 16, 2016  Earnings and revenue, Ad Network & Marketplace dashboard changes. 
Release: 153 April 29, 2016 Ad Network dashboard, ad source tags, price floors, UX grid, charting metrics.
Release: 152 April 14, 2016   Ad networks, estimated earnings, single view Marketplace dashboard, customer center documentation, breadcrumbs, hints.
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