SSP Video Ad Specs

Information, guidance and buying requirements for Video ads on Oath Ad Platforms SSP.


The Verizon Ads SDK supports VAST. See below for more detail to ensure optimal video creative delivery. (Please note that previous versions of our SDK had supported VPAID. Due to lack of demand, this support has been dropped).

VAST is the IAB standard template for video creatives. It defines the interface for communication between the video player and the ad server. VAST establishes wherein the creative the video player and the ad server should expect the video file and tracking to be located. VAST-compliant SDKs are able to parse a VAST response, load and play the video, and load the tracking pixels.

Video Specs

Wrapper Support VAST inline and wrappers are both supported.
Max Wrapper Jumps The maximum number of jumps that will take place is three; a maximum of three wrappers can be served before an inline ad is served.
Media File MP4 is the only supported media type.
Bit Rate A bitrate value for the media file tag is required. Connection type must be specified in the device.connectiontype field of the bid request.

WIFI - Max valid bit rate is 1200 kbps
Cellular - Max valid bit rate is 800 kbps
Floor - Minimum valid bit rate is 400 kbps
Max Video File Size We recommend video files be less than 5MB.
Note: due to different integration types, publishers may have differing download time-outs for gathering the VAST ad’s assets. This includes wrapper jumps and media file download.
SSL IOS: SSL is fully supported on iOS.

ANDROID: For SDK 6.3+ we support SSL. SDKs prior to 6.3 do not support media files over SSL.
VPAID VPAID is no longer supported. With the release of the Verizon Ads SDK 1.0, Support for VPAID ads has been dropped.
(The Oath SDK 6.3-6.8.1 had supported\VPAID 2 JS)
Incentivised and Rewarded Video Rewarded Video creatives are supported on ONE Mobile. For information on how to target this supply via Deal ID, reach out to your Account Manager.
VAST Extensions Currently, VAST extensions are only supported for MOAT and Audio Ads. No other extensions are supported; if included they will be ignored.
VAST Tracking We support impression, click, and quartile tracking.
Impression Pixel All initial wrapper ads delivered to the marketplace must contain an impression pixel with a valid URL. Ads without an impression pixel will be discarded.
Companion Ads SDK 6+ supports companion ads. See below for more detail.
Vertical Video Vertical video is supported starting with SDK 6.8.0. See below for more detail.
3rd Party Vendors Oath is certified with a number of 3rd party ad makers. Reach out to your Account Manager for a full list.

Note: this does not mean that the SDK can only serve ads from these vendors, only that we have been though a certification process with them. Any valid VAST ad that complies with our video specs should render and display without issue.

Vertical Video

Our SDK treats vertical videos differently than landscape videos beginning with SDK 6.8.0. Vertical videos have height measurements that are greater than or equal to the width measurement. These dimensions are provided in the VAST XML MediaFile element.

Device in Portrait Orientation - Vertical videos maintain their aspect ratio and either letterbox or pillarbox if necessary. If letterboxed, the video is centered vertically. If pillarboxed, the video is centered horizontally. Landscape videos are placed at the top of the screen directly below the skip button.

Device in Landscape Orientation - Vertical videos are pillarboxed, centered horizontally and maintain their aspect ratio.

Companion Ads

SDK 6 VAST video player uses the <CompanionAds> element for the end card. The SDK supports static resource, iframe, and html resource creatives for end cards. Static resource end cards must be a minimum of 300px x 250px. iframe and html resource end cards are used for rich media. StaticResource companion ads have the option to take a background attribute which sets the background color for letter boxing of the static resource.

For all types of companion ads that are used as end cards, button elements within the custom button extension show by default. To disable the custom MMInteractiveVideo buttons, set hidebuttons to true.

Additional Information

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