Revenue Reporting for Mediation Partners

Instruction for mediation partners on how to integrate with our reporting system.

Reporting Requirements

Demand Partners integrating to Oath Ad Platforms SSP for mediation must provide us with revenue reporting for publishers. This revenue reporting data is used for three primary purposes:

  1. Consolidated Revenue Reporting: SSP provides daily, consolidated revenue reporting to publisher clients. This allows publishers to access reporting metrics across all demand sources from a single interface.
  2. Optimization Algorithm Input: SSP provides publishers with optimization across demand partners. One of the inputs into our optimization algorithm is the eCPM of an ad source for a particular publisher. In order for this algorithm to be effective, we require accurate and timely revenue reporting.
  3. Reconciliation Reporting­: Discrepancies in the numbers reported by Oath and an ad source are more quickly investigated when both sources appear in one platform.


Reporting data must be available in one of two ways listed below and API integrations are highly preferred:

  • an HTTP API (Web Service)
  • an automated email report

Data Elements

The following data elements are requested in reporting:

Data Attribute Required? Description
Ad Space / Site ID Required The most granular ID (not name) for the site/zone/spot/etc. This ID should be the same ID used in ad requests.
Date Required The date the activity occurred, expressed in GMT
Requests Recommended Total number of requests made for an ad
Impressions Required Number of filled impressions
Clicks Required Number of clicks
Net Revenue Required Net Revenue to SSP
Fill Rate Optional Requests/Impressions
CTR Optional Click-through rate (Clicks/Impressions)
eCPM Optional Effective CPM ((Net Revenue/Impressions) * 1000)
RPM Optional Revenue per Thousand ((Net Revenue/Requests) * 1000)

Data Grouping Reports must be available by day, per site/zone.

Data Format Data must be available in JSON, XML, or CSV.

Report Frequency Reports must be available daily at a minimum. SSP will retrieve or process reports prior to 5am ET of the following day. No limits may be placed on the number of requests sent to reporting APIs.

Reporting Examples


//adspace ID (or site ID, etc) specified on inbound request
      ...   ]


		<id> ... </id>
			<id> ... </id>
				<impressions>1135376 </impressions>
		<adspace ...> <!-- if multiple ad spaces --> </adspace>
	<publisher ...> <!-- repeat for each publisher... --> </publisher>


AdSpace ID,Date,Requests,Impressions,Clicks,Revenue

Checklist for Demand Partner Reporting

checkbox_blank.png HTTP API (strongly preferred) or automated daily emails with CSV attachment
checkbox_blank.png Date, Impressions, Clicks, Net Revenue fields available
checkbox_blank.png Reports available per site/zone, per day
checkbox_blank.png Data available in JSON, XML, or CSV formats
checkbox_blank.png Data is updated at least daily
checkbox_blank.png Previous day’s data available before 5am ET (10am GMT)
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