Custom Categories

Standard IAB categories are used along with the custom categories listed below..

ONE by AOL: Mobile uses custom categories for categorization of advertising in addition to the standard IAB categories. Custom categories begin with “NEX” and are sent alongside the IAB categories in “bcat”.

Category Number Category Name
IAB1 Arts & Entertainment
NEX1-101 Other
IAB2 Automotive
NEX2-101 Automotive-General
NEX2-102 Other
IAB3 Business
NEX3-101 Gas/Energy
NEX3-102 Other
IAB4 Careers
NEX4-101 Other
IAB5 Education
NEX5-101 Higher Education
NEX5-102 Other
IAB6 Family & Parenting
NEX6-101 Other
IAB7 Health & Fitness
NEX7-101 Tobacco
NEX7-102 Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)
NEX7-103 Other
IAB8 Food & Drink
NEX8-101 Liquor
NEX8-102 Quick Serve Restaurant (QSR)
NEX8-103 Other
IAB9 Hobbies & interests
NEX9-101 Action/Adventure Games
NEX9-102 Bingo Games
NEX9-103 Sports Games
NEX9-104 Content Downloads & Subscriptions
NEX9-105 Casino Games
NEX9-106 Mature Games
NEX9-107 Surveys & Quizzes
NEX9-108 Other
NEX9-109 Gambling
IAB10 Home & Garden
NEX10-101 Other
IAB11 Law, Gov't & Politics
NEX11-101 Election
NEX11-102 Other
IAB12 News
NEX12-101 Newspapers
NEX12-102 Other
IAB13 Personal Finance
NEX13-101 Banking
NEX13-102 Other
IAB14 Society
NEX14-101 Social Networking & Messaging Apps
NEX14-102 Other
IAB15 Science
NEX15-101 Other
IAB16 Pets
NEX16-101 Other
IAB17 Sports
NEX17-101 Other
IAB18 Style & Fashion
NEX18-101 Other
IAB19 Technology & Computing
NEX19-101 Wireless Providers
NEX19-102 Telecom/Cable Providers
NEX19-103 Other
NEX19-104 Bidder House Ad
IAB20 Travel
NEX20-101 Resort & Casino
NEX20-102 Navigation
NEX20-103 Other
IAB21 Real Estate
NEX21-101 Other
IAB22 Shopping
NEX22-101 Stores & Distribution Channels
NEX22-102 Other
IAB23 Religion & Spirituality
NEX23-101 Other
IAB24 Uncategorized
IAB25 Non-Standard Content
NEX25-101 Advertiser Unknown
NEX25-102 Other
IAB26 Illegal Content
NEX26-101 Other
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