Mediate from MoPub

The following instructions apply to publishers looking to mediate their MoPub inventory to Oath Ad Platforms SSP.

Integrate the MoPub Adapters

If you have not integrated the Verizon Ads SDK follow the steps in this guide. Then integrate the corresponding MoPub Adapters detailed here.

Configure MoPub to use Verizon Media SSP

If currently mediating to Oath SSP with the Millennial Media SDK, leave the current line item/network setup in MoPub as is. It will continue to support the live traffic that is currently being sent by your users.

Even though the new Verizon Ads SDK and it’s corresponding MoPub adapters were designed to also utilize the old network line items, to use newer features like Auto eCPM, Verizon Network line items must be created in the MoPub UI.

Navigate to the Networks tab in MoPub and select New network (Figure 1).

figure1.pngFigure 1: Select Network

Use the tabs in the Add network window to complete the steps below and configure the UI for a new integration.

Choose Network Tab

Select Verizon (Figure 2) as the network.

figure2.pngFigure 2: Select Verizon Media

Network Settings Tab

Network Name - auto-filled from the last step.

Reporting Access - If using Auto eCPM, enable Reporting access (Figure 3-1) and enter your Company ID and Secret Key (Figure 3-2) from Verizon Media SSP. Find them under Account Settings in the left nav bar of the Verizon Media SSP UI.

Figure 3-1: Enable Auto eCPM (Optional)

figure3-2a.png  figure3-2b.png
Figure 3-2: Capture Company ID and Secret Key from Verizon Media SSP UI
Note: The Secret Key will only be shown upon reset.

App and Ad Unit Setup

Use the App and Ad unit tab to enter the ad unit information (Figure 4). Include Site ID and Corresponding Placement IDs from your Verizon Media SSP Setup.


Figure 4: Enter Site ID and Corresponding Placement IDs from Verizon Media SSP Setup
Note: Native integrations still require a Custom Native Network integration.




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