Supported Objects and Parameters

for DSP Integration

In-App Supported Ad Types        
  • Banners
  • Video
  • Native
In-Browser Supported Ad Types
  • Banners
  • Video

Supported Objects/Parameters

Object Name Supported List Optional Parameters Supported
Bid Request  Yes at, bcat, badv, ext, regs (2.2+), wseat
Impression  Yes displaymanager, displaymanagerver, instl, tagid, bidfloor, ext, pmp (2.2+), secure (2.2+), native (2.3+)
PMP (2.2+) Yes deals
Deals(2.2+) Yes bidfloor, at, wseat, wadomain
Banner Yes pos, btype, api, ext, battr
Video Yes h, w, Pos, mimes, linearity, minduration, protocols, startdelay, playbackmethod, api, battr, protocol (2.2+)
Native (2.3+) Yes imprackers[ ], title, img, data
Site Yes id, name, domain, cat, page, ref, keywords, ext, mobile (2.3+)
App Yes name, domain, cat, keywords, mobile, page, ref, search, ext
Device Yes didsha1, didmd5, dpidsha1, dpidmd5, carrier, language, make, model, os, osx, js, connectiontype, devicetype, ext, h (2.3+), w (2.3+), pxratio (2.3+), ppi (2.3+), hwv (2.3+)
User Yes yob, gender, keywords, geo, ext
Publisher Yes  
Producer No  
Geo Yes lat, lon, country, region, metro, city, zip, type, ext
Data No  
Segment No  
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