Supported Objects and Parameters

for Buyer Integration

In-App Supported Ad Types        
  • Banners
  • Video
  • Native
In-Browser Supported Ad Types
  • Banners
  • Video

Supported Objects/Parameters

Object Name Supported List Optional Parameters Supported
Bid Request Object Yes at, bcat, badv, ext, regs (2.2+), wseat
Impression Object Yes instl, ext, displaymanager, displaymanagerver, pmp (2.2+), secure (2.2+), native (2.3+)
PMP Object (2.2+) Yes deals
Deals Object (2.2+) Yes bidfloor, at, wseat, wadomain
Banner Object Yes pos, btype, api, ext, battr
Video Object Yes playbackmethod, api, battr, w, h, protocol (2.2+)
Native Object (2.3+) Yes imprackers[ ], title, img, data
Site Object Yes name, domain, cat, page, ref, keywords, ext, mobile (2.3+)
App Object Yes name, domain, cat, bundle, keywords, ext
Device Object Yes didsha1, didmd5, dpidsha1, dpidmd5, carrier, language, make, model, os, osx, js, connectiontype, devicetype, ext, h (2.3+), w (2.3+), pxratio (2.3+), ppi (2.3+), hwv (2.3+)
User Object Yes yob, gender, keywords, geo, ext
Publisher Object Yes  
Producer Object No  
Geo Object Yes lat, lon, country, region, metro, city, zip, type, ext
Data Object No  
Segment Object No  
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