Enriching Impressions with Data

Mobile advertising is a competitive market, but publishers and media buyers compete in their respective areas.

Publishers compete for (lucrative) spend; media buyers compete for advertising spend and then compete for high-value inventory. Successful publishers win by ensuring their inventory is the most attractive to media buyers.

Today, buyers increasingly spend based on audience value, not just site value. Meaning that publishers providing first-party data with third-party enrichment (where the yield value flows back to the publisher) have a competitive advantage. We recommend:

  • Enabling ID (Ad ID and IFA) - buyers ignore traffic without it.
  • Enriching with AdTruth universal ID - creates an advantage for web traffic as non-enabled web traffic is disadvantaged.
  • Enabling location - especially GPS-derived lat/long where possible. Brands will leverage these parameters for hyperlocal campaigns that drive in-store purchases.
  • Enabling third-party data solutions - enriches impressions with third-party data such as ID (AdTruth), contextual (Proximic), and audience segments (BlueKai, Experian and Neustar). This enrichment dramatically increases the value of impressions – and that value accrues back to you.
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