Integrate with AOL's SDK for Android

One by AOL: Mobile's Android SDK provides the functionality for monetizing Android applications. A healthy integration is the foundation for executing a successful programmatic strategy. Follow the instructions below for a successful integration.

The links below provide technical reference documentation as well as the SDK downloads. They are intended to be used by software developers with in-depth knowledge of their iOS and Android applications. See the detailed SDK documentation for more detail.

Step 1: Download the Android SDK 

Step 2: Integrate the SDK 

Step 3: Integrate Ads

  • Inline - commonly referred to as “banners” or “rectangles”, inline ads are ad units that appear inline with other app content. Inline Ads are often found at the top or bottom of a screen while a user is reading articles and searching through content. We recommend using Inline Ads on both smartphones and tablets in cases where the user is reading and/or interacting with content on the same screen for a period of time.
  • Interstitial - full-screen ads that display over an app’s content and often result in higher eCPM. The best time to use Interstitial Ads is during a natural break in the application’s content, such as after completing a game level. Interstitial ad placements have an option to display interactive video ads which often produce the highest eCPM.
  • Native - different from standard ad units, native ads are a collection of individual components that can be laid out and interacted with individually.


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