Ad Screening

The Oath Ad Platforms SSP UI includes a powerful Ad Screening tool.

View every ad that has been delivered to your app/site. Get details on who bought inventory on which of your sites, specifically when it was displayed, and how many times.

Upon navigating to the Ad Screening tool, select your Site from the first drop down (some users have more than one site). 

Then select the status of the ads you wish to view from the second drop down.

    Allowed = not blocked and currently running on your sites.
    Blocked = Blocked on at least one of your sites.

Use the third drop down to select a specific Buyer or choose to select all. You can also search for a specific creative by ID.

After making these selections, click GO and your ads will be displayed in a grid of ad cards:


Blocking / Allowing Individual Ads from the Grid

Hover over an ad and click either the Block or Allow button.

Hovering over each card provides additional info about the ad and allows you to block (or allow the ad).

Clicking on an ad displays additional details and shows the full size image.



Ads can be filtered by Site

and by Buyer.

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