Brand Safety & Ad Quality

Publishers are encouraged to take full advantage of Oath Ad Platforms SSP's brand safety and ad quality solution, the most robust and complete solution in the market.

We understand that Brand Safety is very important to you. Making sure you get the best quality ads to fill your inventory is important to us. Read on to see how we accomplish both of these goals.

If you choose to work in the Oath Ad Platforms SSP, all advertising and content must adhere to the Oath Supply Partner Policies. The policies document is our required legal ‘fine print’ that has been developed to help protect all of our customers and us.

Read our Supply Approval and Review Policy to understand; how we onboard new publishers, applications and sites; what we look for when we review content and traffic for quality and fraud; and information about the invalid traffic monitoring we conduct.

The mobile publishing market will continue to be an attractive target for fraudsters given the size and speed of growth. An added layer of control can go a long way to avoid a negative experience or revenue issues. SSP uses industry leading The Media Trust monitoring services to identify issues of fraud or malware and get fast resolution of any problems they find.

Keep your Brand Safe - Use only High Quality Ads

We’ve told you about how Oath works for you - protecting the integrity of your brand while ensuring maximum revenue. Here are some actions we recommend you take:

  • Leverage Ad Screening, which provides a one-click mechanism to screen and block unwanted creatives.
  • Use the tabs on the monetization dashboard to put in place block lists, white lists and creative verification controls that balance restrictions with revenue goals. Adjust your campaigns to find the balance between which ads are served to your inventory (critical to protecting your brand) and maximized revenue (important to your bottom line).
  • Change the Bidder and Blocking controls, as needed, to address evolving internal needs and market changes.
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