General FAQs for Publishers

Find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions here.

What does PROGRAMMATIC mean?

Programmatic is an automated trading model enabling publishers and DSPs to trade at the impression level. Transactions are carried out through auctions (enabled by RTB), buy transactions (programmatic direct with exclusive buys), or mediated network ad calls. Programmatic typically includes three types of markets.

  • Programmatic direct - Automates the direct relationship between an SSP and an agency or advertiser
  • Private exchange - An SSP sells designated inventory to select DSP(s) using business rules specific to the private exchange (e.g., pricing, brand rules, etc.)
  • Open exchange (RTB and mediation) - An open market of many SSPs and DSPs that can buy through competitive auctions (RTB) or via mediation.

Is there a difference between PROGRAMMATIC and REAL-TIME BIDDING (RTB)?

Yes. The best way to think of this is to separate the type of market from the technology that enables the market. Programmatic is a term that describes a set of markets whereas RTB is an underlying technology that enables auction-oriented markets, including private exchanges and an open exchange. The Oath Ad Platforms SSP offers programmatic direct, private exchange, and our open exchange that includes integrated RTB and mediation.

Oath Ad Platforms SSP

Market Exclusivity Transaction
Programmatic Direct Facilitates a one-to-one direct relationship between a publisher and agency or advertiser Buy transaction
(pre-negotiated, not competitive)
Private Exchange Designated inventory available to select DSPs Competitive auction
RTB (open exchange) Open to all RTB-enabled DSPs Competitive auction
Mediation (open exchange) Open to all ad networks or other buyers that buy via static connections Mediation

Which platforms are supported by Oath Ad Platforms SSP?

Oath supports both mobile web and applications. Supported platforms include iOS and Android, encompassing iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android Phone and Tablets, and mobile web among others. This complete offering enables you to maximize yield and future-proof your market.

What sort of performance can I expect from the Oath Ad Platforms SSP?

Revenue and fill rate performance are highly dependent on many different factors including content type, volume, targeting parameters passed, geographic profile, enabled ad formats (rich media, interstitial, video, etc.), ad position on the page, CTR performance, and other elements specific to your site and/or app.

For more information on how to maximize your revenue and fill-rate performance, see our Guide to Best Practices document.

Will I receive CPC, CPI OR CPM campaigns?

The Oath Ad Platforms SSP enables all types of campaigns up and down the purchase funnel, including campaigns built for CPC, CPI, CPA and CPM campaigns. This flexibility maximizes the number of campaigns that can be run on your inventory. We enable auctions using CPM pricing so competitive auctions are run with a common, comparable value.

Can you describe the roster of Media Buyers on the Oath Ad Platforms SSP?

SSP has over 225 global media buyers spanning mobile-native DSPs, online-native DSPs, agency trading desks, agencies, ad networks and direct advertisers. Some media buyers support a wide range of campaign types; others specialize by type (location buyers) or vertically.

Do Oath Ad Platforms SSP serve ads in different languages?

Yes! SSP is a global business, supporting publishers that operate globally and regionally and media buyers that run campaigns across the globe in a variety of languages.

Can I specify which media buyers can see and buy my impressions?

Yes, the Oath Ad Platforms SSP offers two market types that enable you to specify which media buyer or buyers can purchase your impressions. Our Programmatic Direct market enables you to automate direct relationships you may have with buyers (e.g. agencies). Our Private Exchange allows you to sell designated inventory to selected media buyers. Often times, publishers will implement specific business rules (e.g. price floors) that are different than those on the open exchange.

We recommend reviewing “Advantages of Programmatic Bidding” to understand the full suite of programmatic markets available to you.

Are you able to accept Targeting Parameters, User Registration or Location Data?

Yes. In fact, we recommend that you provide first-party data wherever possible as media buyers value this data. This has the effect of driving up CPM and yield. First-party data may include ID (Ad ID and IFA), location (lat/long, zip code, city, state, DMA), or demographic information (age, gender, marital status, household income, etc.). This data enables buyers to target ads to your customers and effectively drives revenue and eCPM gains.

We are also able to integrate 3rd party audience segments, location signals, contextual data, and a universal ID to your inventory. We recommend you fully enable these capabilities as the expected (and additional) CPM and yield value accrues to you.

How do I setup an account with Oath, and is it free to integrate?

Yes! It’s free to set up an account and integrate with SSP. Get started here.

When you complete the SSP sign up, we will send you step-by-step integration instructions and a checklist of factors that contribute to going live with the Oath Ad Platforms SSP. Be sure to check out our Best Practices article and other how to's in the Customer Center.

How long does the integration process take?

The integration process takes most publishers and developers 1-3 business days. Media buyers on RTB will be available to buy your impressions as soon as you go live. Provisioning ad networks on mediation varies and can take anywhere from 1 day to 2 weeks. Bring your own ad network tags to Oath Ad Platforms SSP and mediate them to optimize your yield. Actual integration timeline depends on a variety of factors including your resources.

What payment methods does Oath Ad Platforms SSP support?

SSP supports check and ACH transfers to our Domestic publishers and developers as well as WIRE transfers to our International partners. For more detailed information about payout methods see our Payout FAQs.

Is it necessary to sign up for an account with every ad network that will show ads?

Oath enables you to access 225+ media buyers across the SSP, including mediation and RTB, through one point of integration. For mediation, we can provision ad networks on your behalf or you can provide us with your own tags for SSP to mediate and yield optimize. In either case, all available data is aggregated in the reporting UI.

What are the integration methods available for the Oath Ad Platforms SSP?

The SSP offers several integration options.

In-App publishers should use the Verizon Ads SDK. The Verizon Ads SDK is not specific to Android or iOS. We recommend reviewing additional documentation here for more details.

Mobile web publishers should use Javascript.

In limited cases, integration support through third-party ad servers may be available as a last resort.

What ad sizes and formats does Oath Ad Platforms SSP support?

The SSP supports all IAB- and MMA-approved mobile ad formats, VAST-compliant video ad units, and MRAID 2.0-compliant rich media and video ad units. We also support custom and native units built by our publisher and developer customers as well as custom units we have built with our customers to meet their unique needs.

For more information on mobile ad dimensions, check out the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) and Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) Mobile Phone Creative Guidelines.


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