Release 195: January 9, 2018

IMPROVEMENT: Style Update - Actions Drop Down Menu

The Actions drop down that is available when you click on the “three dots” button is now borderless and the icons are now blue. These style updates have been applied to all Actions drop downs across the site.


IMPROVEMENT: New Plus Icon Drop Down Menu

We added drop downs across the site when the plus icon is clicked. The items in the drop downs are specific to application and sites, placements, ad sources and campaign types.

  • Applications and Sites tab - when adding additional apps and sites.
  • Applications and Sites tab (list view) - when a new app or site has been added but no placement has been associated with it.
  • Applications and Sites tab (tile view) - when adding a placement via the Plus Icon.
  • Monetization dashboard - when creating a Placement or Ad Source.
  • My Campaigns tab - when creating a direct or house campaign.



IMPROVEMENT: Super Auction - Floor Price/eCPM Overriding from Tile

Editable fields have been added to Super Auction tiles (similar to those on waterfall ad sources). Publishers can now view and edit the Floor Price and override the eCPM on Super Auction tiles.

  • Floor → AOL ad sources (original + copies)
  • eCPM → Ad Network ad sources if eCPM override toggle is ON


IMPROVEMENT: Millennial Media Network Removed from Ad Source Options

Millennial Media (MM) Network has been removed from the ad source options. Now only 3 types of ad sources are available for creation. This change also affects the ad source creation form on the Monetization Dashboard. The copy action is still available for all existing MM ad sources and publishers with administrator rights can still create MM ad sources.


IMPROVEMENT: Monetization Page - Copy Form

When a publisher copies a waterfall ad source, the form no longer displays as a pop up window but appears within the Monetization Dashboard. No changes were made to the copy functionality.


IMPROVEMENT: Overview Graph Icon Update

The Overview Graph for the Application and Sites, Ad Networks, Marketplace and My Campaigns tabs allows publishers to select which KPIs are displayed. The gear icon has been changed to a graph icon to clearly indicate that this is a display change for the graph.


IMPROVEMENT: Revenue Trending Icon

We changed the Revenue Trending icon to a button making this feature more apparent. On the Main Dashboard, under the Apps and Sites/ Ad Networks/ Assignments tabs in list view, click the gear icon for the relevant table and select the trending button to enable trending for the Revenue Column.


IMPROVEMENT: Placement Dashboard - Visibility Update

The font size for the Placement ID field has been increased to 10px on the Monetization Dashboard to increase readability.


IMPROVEMENT: Super Auction Ad Sources - Added Ad Source Logos

We added logos to the Super Auction Ad Sources Edit form for easier identification.


BUG FIX: Bidder Groups - Assignments to the Ad sources

We fixed a bug that was applicable for AOL Mobile Marketplace ad sources with applied bidder groups that were whitelisted or blacklisted on the ad source form. Previously, on the Bidder Groups page deselecting an ad source in the table did not apply it to the ad source form on the Monetization Dashboard. The bidder group was deselected at the ad source level, but all bidders that this group contains were still selected. Now changes (assign/unassign of groups) to the Bidder Groups page are reflected on the ad source form (Monetization Dashboard) correctly.

NEW FEATURE: ONE Analytics Reporting

We changed how users access the reports feature. All users can access the current reports feature with the “ONE Mobile: Reports” link. Beginning Jan 15, 2017 our new reporting solution “ONE Analytics: Reports“ will be available in open beta to selected customers. Once beta tests are completed, ONE: Analytics will replace ONE Mobile: Reports.


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