Viewability in Mobile

Measure and score your campaigns and creatives across the change Oath Ad Platforms SSP exchange to pivot toward highly viewable supply.


Viewability Standards in Mobile

Viewability measurement has been widely available across desktop ad supply. However, even though standards have been established, the technologies and protocols that the industry developed for measurement in desktop environments are incompatible with many mobile devices. Standards for mobile viewability were established relatively recently.

SSP supports the Media Rating Council (MRC) and GroupM Viewability standards (if using SDK 6.3+ for display; 6.6+ for video) and the MRC standard (using Javascript/tag-based integration).

MRC mobile viewability standards

  • Display - requires a minimum of 50% of pixels in view for 1 consecutive second
  • Video - requires a minimum of 50% of pixels in view for 2 consecutive seconds

Find the MRC standards here

GroupM mobile viewability standards

  • Display - 100% on-screen, no time minimum
  • Video - human, audible, and fully on-screen for half of duration (15-second cap)

Running Viewability Campaigns on Oath Ad Platforms SSP

Viewability, a measure of the opportunity for an ad to be seen, is an important metric that can help identify quality inventory and improve the performance of your campaigns. Our supply can be measured by Moat and Integral Ad Science (IAS) through open packages or via the open exchange. Buyers and DSPs should add their own vendor JavaScript measurement pixel to the campaign and creative for in-app display. Measurement data will then flow into an existing Moat or IAS instance for view post-impression.

Open Packages

Our mobile viewability packages allow you to target display and video inventory based on viewability metrics measured by Moat or IAS. You can access our viewability packages via Deal ID through open or private packages. If campaigns are being held to a viewability threshold, it is recommended to share the KPI benchmark as well as the standard being used for measurement, MRC, GroupM, etc., with your Account Manager prior to accessing deals so that you are pointed to supply that meets your benchmarks.

Our viewability packages contain inventory from premium publishers. New partners are added frequently as SDK adoption occurs. Some examples of open packages are, 70% Moat Viewability, Moat Measured - No Threshold, IAS High Viewability Interstitials (70%+), and IAS High Viewability Banners (80%+). For more details on these deals, reach out to your Account Manager.

Alternatively, you can access both MOAT and IAS enabled supply via the open exchange, as detailed below.


Our Viewability Vendors


MRC viewability and GroupM standards are supported by Moat. Moat is integrated with our platform via SDK, and viewability data is available post impression.


  • Ad Types - Both banner and interstitial ad types are supported, native ads are not supported.
  • Measurable inventory - 92% of SDK 6.3+ enabled inventory is considered measurable*.
  • Access MOAT enabled supply - target Oath SDK version 6.3+ for any display inventory. Your bidder should look for the following information in production passed in the Imp object to target - "displaymanager":"millennial","displaymanagerver":"6.3.0-478bbd1"


  • Ad Type - Only in-app VAST ads are supported. A 3rd part VAST extension/node must be added by the DSP. Contact your Account Manager for more information and spec documentation. Additionally, we support VPAID Mobile Web supply, but there is limited inventory available.
  • Measurable inventory - 31% of SDK 6.6+ inventory is considered measurable*

*as of December 1, 2017. Percentage continues to grow as publisher adoption occurs.



MRC viewability standards are supported. SSP works with IAS via a tag based, Javascript integration. Viewability data is available post impression.


  • Ad Types - Both banner and interstitial ad types are supported, native ads are not supported.
  • Measurable inventory - 50% of inventory is considered measurable


  • Not supported - we do not have an SDK integration with IAS.


Product and Industry Limitations

In-app viewability accreditation is only achievable via SDK. MRAID can be used to measure viewability in-app, but not all vendors use this solution, and it is not MRC accredited.

It is not possible to measure viewability and other cross-domain iFrames on the mobile environment due to browser limitations and other reasons such as:

  • Standard Img Src pixels (1x1) are not capable of measuring campaign viewability; JavaScript is required for mobile display.
  • Accurate measurement of mobile video (VAST) requires a vendor SDK
    • Time investment to integrate and require extensive testing
    • Puts our own SDK at risk (vendor bugs/troubleshooting, different release cycles)
    • Can often be black box solutions
    • Pub concerns with size of app if integrating multiple SDKs
  • Reporting discrepancies can often occur between viewability vendors due to different measurement/methodologies, as well as DSP vs. SSP measurement.
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