Release 194: December 12, 2017

Several improvements to Super Auction pages (Edit, copy and group, pause ad sources), "Ad Blocker software On" warning message, and improvements to the Reporting UI for Header Bidding. 

IMPROVEMENT: Super Auction - Edit  Ad Sources 

Publishers can now edit Super Auction ad sources (including AOL Mobile Marketplace & others). Use the "..." to edit.


IMPROVEMENT: Super Auction - Copy Ad Sources 

We added a new action “Copy” to the AOL Mobile Marketplace ad source dropdown. Publishers can now copy AOL Mobile Marketplace ad sources for their Super Auction placements to ensure their account is monetizing to the full extent. Copy action is available for all AOL Mobile Marketplace ad sources (incl. clones).

  • All ad source copies are displayed next to the original, sorted by date of creation. The ad source copies are identified by a blue circled number in the top right corner of the tile.
  • If clone(s) of AOL ad source is/are created, all AOL ad sources appear grouped under one tile in the Adnet Selection page.
  • Original AOL ad sources are not archivable, but clones are.

 Release194_SuperAucCopy.png  Release194_SuperAucCopiedSources.png


IMPROVEMENT: Super Auction - Grouping Duplicate Ad Sources

We added the option “Group Copies” to the AOL Ad Sources drop down menu so publishers can group multiple Super Auction ad sources together in a single view.

  • “Group Copies” will only appear in the menu if copies of the ad source exist.
  • When a publisher selects “Group Copies”, all copies of the ad source are stacked behind the original ad source tile, with a notification indicating there are multiple ad sources stacked.
  • To display all copies of an ad source tile side by side uncheck the “Group Copies” option.
  • Stacked tiles cannot be edited until they are ungrouped. Edit functionality is only available on individual ad sources.


IMPROVEMENT: Super Auction - Pause an AOL Ad Source 

Publishers can now pause/resume the original and all copies of an AOL ad source from the Monetization Dashboard.


IMPROVEMENT: Reporting UI for Header Bidding 

We changed the reporting feature to display descriptive names (Header Bidding and Waterfall instead of 1 or 0) when the Header Bidding filters are selected.


IMPROVEMENT: Warning Message about Ad Blocker Software 

A warning message is now displayed if a user has Ad Blocker software enabled on their device. Ad Blocker software prevents the user from accessing all of ONE Mobile's content.



IMPROVEMENT: Performance on Monetization Page

Performance bottlenecks were resolved by avoiding redundant requests to the server. Now publishers will experience improved performance when creating, editing, copying and archiving ad sources or placements.


BUG FIX: Ad Verification for Buyers

We removed the non-working "Verify All" button because external users are not allowed to verify their own creatives. The Ad Verification page is for status viewing only.



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