Header Bidding for Mobile Buyers

Learn how Oath Ad Platforms supports mobile web Header Bidding and get access to premium inventory and audiences

Header bidding technology makes the publisher ad supply available to both direct sold and programmatic demand in a unified auction. Header bidding eliminates the ad serving waterfall by enabling publishers to serve ads to the highest bidder - regardless of whether it’s bought directly, through a deal ID or through the open exchange.

Benefits of Header Bidding for Buyers

DSPs and advertisers get access to premium inventory and audiences that were historically reserved for direct sold campaigns.

Server Side Container


Client Side Container


Header Bidding Flag in Production

The HB flag is sent on OpenRTB 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3 bid requests

“site”: {
     “id”: “9002”
     “publisher”: {
          “id”: “9001”
          “ext”: {
               “nex_else”: 0,
               “imp.hb”: 1
     “ext”: {
          “nex_coppa”: 0

The Header Bidding (HB) flag was officially added with IAB’s OpenRTB 2.5. Currently we support this flag as an impression object extension, however in the future we plan to support it as a source object.


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