Release 193: November 28, 2017

Improvements added to Super Auction & Monetization pages and Ad Network tiles. Bug fixes relating to calendar, drag and drop ad sources and custom ad sizing. 

 IMPROVEMENT: Super Auction - Setting of Floor Price/ eCPM

Now publishers have the flexibility to set the Floor Price/eCPM in PSS for each ad source in Super Auction placement in order to ensure their publisher’s Floor Price/eCPM stays at a certain price.

1. AOL Mobile Marketplace ad source

    • Publishers can edit Floor Price and view eCPM. Floor Price default is $0.05.
    • In addition to the above values, internal users (in impersonate mode with Internal fields = ON) can view value for Gross Floor and toggle “Optimize My Floor Price” for enabling/disabling Price Floor Optimization.


2. All other Ad Sources: an additional tab eCPM has been added to the Ad Source tile for viewing/editing of eCPM. As well style updates have been applied to sections on Super Auction Ad Source tiles.


IMPROVEMENT: Monetization Page - Added Waterfall Label to Ad Sources

Added WATERFALL label to Ad SOURCES section when working with waterfall placements. Super Auction label has been added to the Ad Sources section.



IMPROVEMENT: Ad Network Pages - Logos Added

Ad Network and Marketplace Overview Charts
Ad Networks Tiles


BUG FIX: Issue with Calendar

Now the calendar pop up window retains its structure and contents when zooming from 75% to 125%.


BUG FIX: Monetization Page - Drag and Drop Ad Sources

Publishers can now drag and drop ad sources from unassigned section to and between tiers within the Monetization Dashboard


BUG FIX: Placement Page - Custom Ad Size

All custom ad sizes can now be saved (even if it coincides with standard ad size).
Previously width/height updates made to the Custom Ad Size field that matched predefined standard ad sizes were not saved.

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