Release 192: November 14, 2017

Multiple improvements to the ONE: Mobile UI, the Super Auction pages, and a few Bug Fixes.

IMPROVEMENT: Placement Dashboard - Copy/Paste Placement IDs

Now publishers can copy and paste placement IDs while in the Placement dashboard.


IMPROVEMENT: Ad Source Creation Form for Super Auction Waterfall Tiers

When Super Auction enabled publishers select "waterfall tiers" as the monetization method, they will create their first ad source in a new form. Additional ad sources are then created by clicking “+”.

  1. Choose “waterfall tiers” and click Next.

  2. Ad source creation form opens.

IMPROVEMENT: Super Auction - Style Updates

We made several style updates.

  1. An orange IDs REQUIRED label appears if required information is missing.

  2. An alert badge has been added to the IDs and Reporting Credentials sections in Super Auction Ad Source tiles. The alert badge indicates if data is missing from required fields.

  3. Switching between the IDs and the Reporting Credentials sections within the ad source tile does not resize the tile.

  4. A green label appears when an Ad Source update has been successful.

IMPROVEMENT: Super Auction - Link to Help Center

We added a link to the ONE Mobile Help Center article “Learn more about Super Auction” on the Monetization Method Selection Page.


IMPROVEMENT: Super Auction - New Exceeding Ad source Limits Message

When a publisher tries to create more ad sources than the limit allows, the following warning message appears. Contact your Account Manager to discuss the possibility of a limit increase.



  1. When selecting Decision Maker, an ad source is created and is counted in the total number.
  2. Archived ad sources (deselected Ad Networks on Ad Net Selection page) are counted in the total since they still exist in the database.


IMPROVEMENT: Removing Super Auction Placements from Ad Networks and Marketplace Assignments Tabs, and Copy Ad Source Forms

We removed the ability to add Super Auction placements when creating ad sources within the Ad Networks and Marketplace Dashboards as well as the Copy Ad Source form. This is to ensure that Ad Sources that contain Super Auction placements are only created within the Monetization Dashboard.

Super Auction Placements are not available on the forms listed below:

  • Add Ad source Form in the Ad Networks and Marketplace Dashboards Assignments Tabs
  • Copy Ad Source Form

BUG FIX: Super Auction - Counter Changes for AOL Mobile Marketplace

We fixed the counter on the AOL Mobile Marketplace tile so it displays the correct number of selected ad sources.


BUG FIX: Apps & Sites Tile View - Style Update

We fixed the background color of the Apps & Sites tile view display to improve visibility. 


BUG FIX: Transparency Settings

We fixed a bug and now if transparency settings are changed at the site-level, those changes are inherited at the ad source level.







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