Release 191: October 31, 2017

 Introducing Super Auction, our new in-app, mobile-first, header bidding solution.

NEW FEATURE: Super Auction

Super Auction is an in-app, mobile-first, header bidding solution. Super Auction allows multiple demand sources (exchanges, networks, etc) to compete in real time. Instead of individually handling the many types of ad networks, Super Auction calls each demand source in parallel through a server-to-server container, resulting in a more competitive demand landscape and ensuring the highest bid for your inventory. The winning bid is passed back to the AOL SDK.

For all publishers that are enabled for Super Auction, the workflow begins when a placement is created.

Monetization Method Screen

The Monetization Method screen displays the two options publishers have when creating placements: Super Auction and Waterfall Tiers.


Clicking the “Next” button will apply the selected monetization method for the placement. Note: once the monetization method is saved, it cannot be changed (all future ad sources for this placement will use this setting).

If Waterfall Tiers is selected as the monetization method, the standard ad source creation form will open. When Super Auction is selected the Decision Maker and Ad Sources selection screen opens.

Ad Sources and Decision Maker Screen

Then the Ad Sources and Decision Maker screen will display, where publishers can choose the Decision Maker and the ad sources for Super Auction. The Decision Maker is the mediation partner that determines the winner of the auction. By default, ONE by AOL is selected. All displayed Ad Sources are selected by default and are listed in alphabetical order. The AOL Mobile Marketplace is always a participant of the auction.

The publisher selects the ad sources and ensures that all required fields are filled and presses the Apply button. The publisher will then be directed to the Monetization screen with the list of selected ad sources. Note: the Apply button is disabled until all the required fields for selected Ad Sources are updated.

Alerts and Warnings

The Incomplete! alert is shown for all cases when the placement does not have at least one ad source assigned to it (incl. the case when monetization method is not selected). This rule is applied for both types of placements Super Auction and Waterfall Tiers.


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