Super Auction: Benefits/Values for Publishers

Learn how to use Super Auction; tap into unique demand and maximize revenue


What is Super Auction?

Super Auction is an in-app, mobile-first, header bidding solution. Super Auction allows multiple demand sources (exchange, network, etc) to compete in real time. Instead of individually handling the many types of ad networks, Super Auction calls each demand source in parallel through server-to-server containers, resulting in a more competitive demand landscape and ensuring the highest bid for your inventory.

How does Super Auction work?

Super Auction conducts a unified auction by simultaneously calling every integrated demand partner; the winning bid is passed back to the Oath SDK.

How does Super Auction benefit Publishers?

Increase Monetization - Whether your campaigns are direct sold, reserved, or guaranteed inventory, use Super Auction to tap into unsold 3rd party demand. Allow your unique inventory to be seen by all demand partners at the same time and get the highest bid price for your inventory.

Reduce Latency - Plug directly into Super Auction server-side containers. This allows us to conduct a unified auction for you, thus removing the latency of mediating through multiple monetization partners.

Unified Demand - In addition to gaining access to AOL’s first and third party demand through the exchange, you can now utilize our platform to set up Super Auction and plug into other mediation demand partners, including traditional ad networks.

You set the Auction - You determine whether or not to use Super Auction at the individual placement level. You also have the option to choose which ad server will serve the final creative - AOL Mobile Marketplace or your preferred ad server.


Where can I find more information?

More information can be found on the ONE by AOL: Mobile Customer Help Center in Developer Docs or by contacting your Account Manager. You can also submit a request for specific technical assistance.

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