Release 190: Oct 17, 2017

Improved dashboards, graphs and hints text and fixes bugs.

IMPROVEMENT: Dashboard - Landing at the Top of the Page

Previously when a publisher went into an account's main dashboard, the view moved down to the lower half of the screen automatically. This behavior has been changed to always start at the top of the page.


IMPROVEMENT: Graphs - Date Format

We changed the format of how we display dates for all graphs, including those on tiles, to "Mmm DD YYYY" (example: Jan 01, 2017).



IMPROVEMENT: App/Sites - Changed Hint Text

We have updated the wording in our hover messages on the Ad Requests and Ad Responses column headings within the App/Sites Dashboard for the following:

Ad Requests: Occurs when a placement within an app/site requests an ad from our server.
Ad Responses: Ad content sent to a device by ONE: Mobile in response to an Ad Request.


BUG FIX: Marketplace Assignments - Auto Scrolling when Updating Floor Price

The issue within the Marketplace Assignments grid when updating ad source floor prices has been fixed. Now when a user saves a floor price page, the page does not automatically jump or scroll up and down.


BUG FIX: Tile View - Changed Hint Text

We removed redundant code tags from the hint that appears when hovering over the Site name on the App/Sites tab in tile view.



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